Arthur (Series) (1996-)

The adventures of 8-year-old Aardvark Arthur Read. When he's not at home being hounded by his obnoxious, but scene-stealing little sister D.W. and his working class parents, he's finding educational misadventure at school with his pals: would-be bully Binky, pompous Francine, spoiled rich girl Muffy, genius Brain, and his best friend Buster. Arthur and the gang get into some pretty wild trouble sometimes, like the time Arthur and Brain are taunted by a dark-humoured crossing guard, when Arthur, Brain and Binky find a key and fight about it, when Arthur and D.W. have to run the house when Mom and Dad fall ill, and many more. Based on the children's books by Marc Brown.

Michael Yarmush .... Arthur Timothy Read I (1996-2001) (voice)
Justin Bradley .... Arthur Timothy Read II (2001-2002) (voice)
Mark Rendall .... Arthur Timothy Read III (2002-) (voice)
Cameron Ansell .... Arthur Timothy Read IV (2004-) (voice)
Michael Caloz .... Dora Winifred (D.W.) Read I (1996-1999) (voice)
Oliver Grainger .... Dora Winifred (D.W.) Read II (1999-2003) (voice)
Jason Szimmer .... Dora Winifred (D.W.) Read III (2003-) (voice) (as Jason Szwimer)
Bruce Dinsmore .... David Read (Dad); Binky Barnes (voice)
Sonja Ball .... Jane Read (Mom) (voice)
Daniel Brochu .... Buster Baxter (voice) (as Danny Brochu)
Jodie Resther .... Francine Alice Frensky (voice)
Melissa Altro .... Mary Alice (Muffy) Crosswire (voice)
Luke Reid .... Alan (The Brain) Powers I (1996-2000) (voice)
Steven Crowder .... Alan (The Brain) Powers II (2000-2002) (voice)
Alex Hood .... Alan (The Brain) Powers III (2002 -) (voice)
Arthur Holden .... Emil Nigel Ratburn III (voice)
Tamar Kozlov .... Prunella (voice) (as Tammy Kozlov)
Patricia Rodriguez .... Sue Ellen Armstrong I (1996-2003) (voice)
Jessica Kardos .... Sue Ellen Armstrong II (2004 -) (voice)
Walter Massey .... Principal Herbert Haney (voice)
Joanna Noyes .... Grandma Thora Read (voice)
A.J. Henderson .... Grandpa Dave; Ed Crosswire (voice)
Bronwen Mantel .... Mrs. Sarah MacGrady (voice)
Holly G. Frankel .... Fern Walters (voice)
Kate Hutchison .... Paige Turner (voice)
Hayley Reynolds .... Nadine (voice)
Mitchell David Rothpan .... George Nordgren (voice)
Tracy Braunstein .... Kate (Baby Kate) Read (2001-) (voice)
Vanessa Lengies .... Emily (voice)
Greg Kramer .... Nemo (Francine's cat) (2001-) (voice)
Simon Peacock .... Pal (Arthur's dog) (2001-) (voice)
Ellen David .... Bitzi Baxter (voice)
Sam Holden .... Timmy Tibble (2001-2003) (as Samuel Holden)
Evan Smirnow .... George Nordgren II (2003-) (voice)
Tyler Brody Stein .... Tommy/Timmy Tibble (2004-2005)
Harald Winter .... Patron (voice)
Mark Camacho .... Oliver Frensky (voice) (uncredited)
Maggie Castle .... Molly (uncredited)
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