Anything You Can Do (Series) (1971-1974)

A wretched take on Beat the Clock, 2 teams of 3 compete in a battle of the sexes. Stunts featured balloons, ladders, beanbags and other silly things.

Gene Wood....Host (1971-1972)
Don Harron....Host (1972-1974)
Bill Luxton....Announcer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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This was a very lame, obviously lower-than-low-budget knock-off of "Beat the Clock". Successfully completing a stunt would lead to a payoff of (wait for it) up to $50.

It was taped in Ottawa, because Bill Luxton was one of the CJOH staff announcers. He was also on "The Willy & Floyd Show" with Les Lye.

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