Anti Gravity Room, The (Series) (1993-1998)

Anti Gravity Room, The
The Anti-Gravity Room was a weekly Canadian television program of the mid- to late-1990's, spotlighting comic books and video games, and hosted by Nick Scoullar and Phil Guerrero. It was produced by YTV in Canada, and was carried in the United States on the Sci Fi channel. It featured interviews with international comic creators, coverage of comic events, reviews of video games, and guest hosts such as Ben Stiller and Kevin Smith.

Phil Guerrero .... Host
Jaimy Mahlon .... Host
Nick Scoullar .... Host
Eugenie Vincent .... Host
Shashi Bhatia....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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byComic geek, June 8, 2007
I miss this show.

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