Episode Guide - Anthology (Series) (1959)

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Aug 23, 1959 - "Totems."

Aug 30, 1959 - "Estevan." The tug Estevan supplies lightships and lighthouses on the British Columbia Coast.

Sep 6, 1959 - "Portrait of a Harbor." A day in the life of Vancouver Harbor will be featured.

Sep 13, 1959 - "The Lacondonnes"

Sep 20, 1959 - "Object Matrimony." A drama about an old gentleman who has answered an ad in the personals and is preparing to meet a 61 year old widowed lady. Arriving at the meeting place, he waits in anticipation until she finally arrives. Looking for a man with a white rose, she is disappointed when the waitress says no one has come in with one. Mr. Mortimer is saddened and crumples the white rose he was supposed to wear, and then also leaves. Director/Producer/Script: Ron Kelly. Cast: Frank Vyuygn, Virginia Clay, Christine Best, Rosemary Winther, Michael McGee, Enid Saunders.

Sep 27, 1959 - "Quiet Frontiers."

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