Ssshh...It's the News! (Series) (1974-1976)

Ssshh...It's the News! ran for 78 episodes on Global TV. The pilot was written by Don Harron, Barry McLoughlin and Ken Shaw who all wrote and performed on the series. Norman Campbell directed the pilot and Bill Swaffield was the director of the series. Don Harron was the Head Writer, and Producer of the series, as well as the lead performer in the satirical news show. It was a solid hit for the new Global Television network. The decision to wrap it up after two seasons had to do with the financial challenges facing the fledgling network.

Donald Harron .... Charlie Farquharson/Valerie Rosedale/others
Barbara Hamilton .... Valeda Drain Farquharson/Charles Rosedale/others
Bill Luxton .... Peter Newsman
Billy Van .... Orville/Stephanie Rosedale/others
Jack Duffy .... Various Roles
Barry McLoughlin .... Various Roles
Ken Shaw .... Various Roles
Les Lye .... Various Roles
Howard Jerome .... Various Roles
Catherine McKinnon
Patricia McKinnon
Helen Burns

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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