Analog (Series) (1970-1972)

Analog was a weekly 15-minute television series (later expanded to a half-hour) that examined the complex but fascinating world of business in terms that the layman could readily appreciate and understand. Each edition of the magazine format series comprised of four principal components. The first of these was a summary, consisting of the headline stories in the business world during the preceding week. The second main component was a 'fact sheet' in which a particular aspect of business, industry or technical process was interpreted visually by means of a graphic art layout. The third component was an essay, which brought viewers up to date on a particular aspect of the Canadian economy. The fourth major component was a business memorandum, in which captains of industry and of government expressed their personal point of view and business/economic philosophies. Presentation of this segment varied between film or in-studio interviews and direct 'to-camera' statements by the guest experts.

Producer: Eric McLeery
Executive Producer: Doug Lower

Gordon Jones .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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