Episode Guide - Alphabet Soup (Series) (1971-1973)

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An incomplete list of episodes.

Season 1

Oct 5, 1971 - "A is for Airplanes" (Debut). A model builder and a jet pilot answered questions about airplanes.

Oct 19, 1971 - "C is for Camera" - all about the magic box.

unknown airdate - "P is for Papyrus."

unknown airdate - "S is for Ships."

Season 2

Sep 12, 1972 - "A is for Abracadabra" opens the second season. Magician Doug Henning is Trudy Young's guest.

Sep 19, 1972 - "B for Bees." All about beekeeping.

Sep 26, 1972 - "C is for Clay." Tony Tudin discusses his striking new approach to ceramics.

Oct 3, 1972 - "D is for Detective." The fine art of sleuthing is discussed with Toronto police detective.

Oct 24, 1972 - "G is for Gadget and Gimmicks," with special effects man Fred Sullivan.

Nov 14, 1972 - "J is for Judo" - Frank Moritsugu instructs host Mavis Kerr in the skills of judo.

Nov 28, 1972 - "L is for Liquids" - What is wet? TV personality Mavis Kerr discusses this subject.

Dec 5, 1972 - "M is for Make, Make Do, Make Believe"

Dec 12, 1972 - "N is for Nine." The topic is the number 9. With math teacher and numbers-game specialist Joyce Stringer.

Jan 16, 1973 - "S is for Shapes and Sizes." Toronto artist William Ronald discusses today's topic with host Lynn Griffin.

Jan 23, 1973 - "T is for Tongue," an unlikely topic entertainingly discussed by Don Garron (sp?).

Feb 13, 1973 - "W For Weather" - Johnny Yesno performs an Indian rain dance, and Toronto weatherman Percy Saltzman explains about meteorology.

Feb 20, 1973 - "X is for ... X!" - A mystery show today with guest Jeff Smithers, a Scottish dancer.

Feb 27, 1973 - "Y is for Years" - about the various ways man uses to measure time.

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