Alphabet Soup (Series) (1971-1973)

Alphabet Soup, was a CBC children's program produced in Toronto. Each week, the hosts and puppet Arbuckle the Alligator welcomed a couple of guests who would talk about a subject starting with the letter of the week. The guests were well known personalities and authorities in their respective fields who discussed the various subjects in detail, answering questions put to them by the host. The program was seen on Tuesday afternoons.

Dennis Coles - Producer/Director
Pat Patterson - Writer

Trudy Young .... Host (1971-1973)
Marc Stone .... Co-host (1971-1972)
Mavis Kerr .... Co-host (1972-1973)
Lynn Griffin .... Host (1973)
Roy Leslie .... Arbuckle the Alligator (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I remember watching this when I was at home from school with a bad cold. I think it was also on PBS.
Whatever happened to trudy young? I used to think she was very sexy on alphabet soup - I think she also had a part in "Slapshot", the hockey movie with Paul Newman
Owner's reply

The movie was a Canadian one called "Face-Off." Trudy went on to work for an advertising company in Oshawa in the 80's when she gave up acting. I'm not sure where she ended up after that...

byRoger Mitchell, January 12, 2008
I watched "Alphabet Soup" in Ireland, long ago, only because I was madly in love with Mavis Kerr. Has anybody out there got a photo of her?

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