Episode Guide - All Around the Circle (Series) (1964-1975)

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All Around the Circle
Jul 2, 1968 - A visit to Bristol's Hope, an historic settlement in Conception Bay founded in the 1600s.

Jun 30, 1969 - Special guests on the season opener are Margaret Bennett and a group called The Signalmen. Margaret, a native of the Isle of Skye, specializes in Scottish songs, while The Signalmen, a Newfoundland group, have a repertoire that ranges from current hits, through Irish songs to Newfoundland folk favorites.

Jul 7, 1969 - Features a 12-year-old youngster named Dennis White, nephew of series regular John White. There is also a film visit to Pasadena in the Humber Valley.

Jul 14, 1969 - Special guests are The Cavatinas.

Aug 27, 1971 - Guests are Mary Everard and Little John Cameron.

May 26, 1973 - Special guest tonight is Ryan's Fancy

Jun 9, 1973 - Vocalist Joan Morrissey is special guest on the show tonight

Jun 16, 1973 - Special guest is Ryan's Fancy.

Jul 14, 1973 - Singer Bridget Vanek joins the show.

Sep 1, 1973 - Special guest is Bridget Vanek

Sep 8, 1973 - Selections: "Paddy Reilly" (Carol Brothers, John White); "Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl" (John); "Old New Brunswick Moon" (Carol); "When My Love Was Here" (Evan Purchase); "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" (Evan, Doug Laite); "Old Polina" (All).

Aug 10, 1974 - Guest is Percy Wareham, step dancer.

Sep 7, 1974 - The traditional folk music of Newfoundland is performed by John White, Evan Purchase, Carol Brothers and Ryan's Fancy. Highlights: "Harbor LeCou" (John); "Ghost of George's Shoal" (Evan).

Sep 6, 1975 - Guests tonight are the singing Sons of Erin. They join Carol Brothers, John White and Aidan O'Hara. Doug Laite is the host. Highlights: Nora (Sons of Erin); My Grandma's Advice (Carol); Why Didn't You Say So Before? (John, Aidan).

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