All Around the Circle (Series) (1964-1975)

All Around the Circle
All Around The Circle was a weekly half-hour program of good music, song, variety and travel from St. John's, Newfoundland. It originally aired only locally but made its debut on the CBC-TV network in the summer of 1969. Regulars appearing in the first nationally televised summer series included singers John White and Carol Brothers, musician Ray Walsh and Don Randell and The Band. Each program featured a special guest or guests and on numerous occasions there were film visits to places of interest. All Around The Circle was a show aimed primarily at plain folks of all cultures, people who enjoyed real folk music sung with enthusiasm and authenticity. Because it was from Newfoundland, the program reflected the Island's unique lifestyle and drew upon a heritage of folk art which went back nearly five hundred years.

Doug Laite .... Host
Carol Brothers .... Regular
John White .... Regular
Ray Walsh .... Regular
Don Randell .... Regular
Evan Purchase .... Regular
William James Whalen .... Regular (Newfoundland Showband)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBNT,CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user edwardwhite3705, January 23, 2014
hi my name is edward white I am looking for videos from the show all around the circle, john white is my brother and I am trying to get some videos from the show, If you know where I may be able to get this please let me know thank you

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