Alibi Room (Series) (1955-1956)

Alibi Room
CBHT's second musical series, the Alibi Room, had a more formal set and larger band than the earlier Alf Coward Show.

The musicians in the series included Baz Russell, Elmer MacDonald, Art Irwin, Lloyd Peach, Arne Benson, Eddie Richards, and Joe Skowronski. In the fall of 1955 a singing host, Al Foster was added to the lineup.

Producers: Robert Alban, Don Blois
Camera: Roy Bruce, Peter MacNeil
Sound: Gilbert Campbell

Baz Russell....Band Leader/Guitar
Elmer MacDonald....Piano
Art Irwin....Drums
Lloyd Peach....Saxaphone
Arne Benson....Saxaphone / Clarinet
Eddie Richards....Trumpet
Joe Skowronski....Bass
Al Foster....Host/Singer
Madrienne Small....Singer
Flora Montgomery
Edna Farnell

Original Broadcaster(s): CBHT

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