Albertans, The (Miniseries) (1979)

Albertans, The
The Albertans was a series of three hour-long melodramas that combined the stories of a number of characters set against the industries of cattle ranching and petrochemicals. Don MacIntosh was an industrialist involved in a three hundred million dollar international oil deal. Peter Wallen had pulled himself up from urban poverty to head his own construction firm. Carl Hardin's economic problems caused him to give up a ranch he had worked for thirty years. Hardin's daughter-in-law, Clair, falls in love with Hans Keller, the German businessman who finds himself having to defraud the business venture of millions of dollars.

Isaac and his grandson Johnny were two natives. While the older man Isaac has to learn to deal with changes in the modern world, Johnny decides to take radical action in regard to decisions concerning native land claims.

Writer: Lyal Brown
Director: Ron Weyman
Producer: John Trent
Executive Producer: Stanley Colbert

Leslie Nielsen....Don MacIntosh
Gary Reineke....Peter Wallen
George Waight....Carl Hardin
Frances Hyland....Marjanne Hardin
Anne Collinge....Clair
Daniel Pilon....Hans Keller
George Clutesi....Isaac
Albert Angus....Johnny

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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