Alberta Game Farm (Series) (1962-1963)

Alberta Game Farm
Alberta Game Farm was an Edmonton-produced series, with Al Oeming, founder of the Alberta Game Farm, located fifteen miles south of the city. By 1961, Oeming had collected some 1,100 animals and 1,000 birds on his refuge. On the television series, he showed and discussed a different animal, wild or tame, each week.

Al Oeming....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user gotya, January 26, 2008
Al Oeming is a big phoney, none of the animals liked him on the farm, and for good reason....If the public only knew what really on behind the scenes with these poor animals. I know ,I knew somebody that worked there. The best thing they did was to close the farm and get the animals out of his hands.....He knews exactly what I'm talking about...........

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