Alan Thicke Show, The (Series) (1980-1983)

Aka: Fast Company; Prime Cuts

Alan Thicke Show, The
The Alan Thicke Show was an extremely popular talk-variety program. Segments of the Alan Thicke Show were used in early 1981 to produce Prime Cuts and from 1981-1983 to produce Fast Company. Prime Cuts consisted largely of excerpts of interviews previously seen on the daytime show. Fast Company contained fewer rerun segments and the shows were organized thematically, with some montages of opinions and anecdotes on various subjects and Thicke singing and doing comedy on most shows, as well as home movies filmed in the homes of his famous friends.

Alan Thicke....Host
Brian 'Frosty' Forst....Announcer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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