After Four (Series) (1964-1968)

After Four
After Four was a unique program for the young adult covering a variety of topics. It was seen on CTV on Saturday afternoons.

The show was conceived to retain some of the elements which young people enjoyed in rock bands and "dance party" shows, while the young people were also presented as intelligent individuals, confident in their personalities and capable of a wide range of talent.

The program was a spin-off of a newspaper supplement of the Toronto Telegram. It spiralled from local broadcast on CFTO-TV, eventually airing on the entire CTV network.

Johnny F. Bassett .... Host (1964)
Carol (Goss) Taylor .... Host (1964-?)
Jerry Martin .... Host (1964)
Bobby Curtola .... Host (1965-1966)
Trudy Young .... Host (?-1968)
Dianne Stapley .... Regular
Carol Robinson .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CFTO, CTV

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In October of 1966 Gordon Lightfoot was on the AFTER FOUR TV show. He was guest singer along with a friend by the name of Doug Brown.
I taped the show on an old reel to reel tape recorder that I had. I still have that tape available. Just a matter of trying to transfer it to a computer and cd disc. Quality is not the best.
However, in the second half of the show, he introduced and sang this beautiful song which remains one of my favourites, FAREWELL TO NOVA SCOTIA. His rendition of the song remains the best. He brought out a feeling and style when he sang this song. Made it sound very special.
I wish there was some way of getting a video copy of that half hour show just to see him and listen to his rendition of FAREWELL TO NOVA SCOTIA.
I was hoping he would record it on his first or second album back in 1966, but it never came up.
Anybody out there who might know someone from that time, could possibly dig up that show and get a copy or recording to view and listen to.
I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks
But looking at Carol, I know I would have been smitten.
byWayne Dayton, March 17, 2007
Carole is currently the Minister of Finance for the Province of British Columbia.

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