Tugboat Annie (Series) (1958)

Aka: The Adventures of Tugboat Annie

Tugboat Annie
Tugboat Annie makes her living piloting her tugboat through the treacherous waters of the Pacific Northwest. As if the forces of nature didn't make her job difficult enough, she must also deal with competition from Captain Horatio Bullwinkle, a rival tugboat pilot who constantly tries to steal jobs out from under Annie. Though Bullwinkle has a fearsome reputation, Annie is more than a match for him, whether the challenges require brains or brawn.

Minerva Urecal .... "Tugboat" Annie Brennan
Walter Sande .... Capt. Horatio Bullwinkle
Don Baker .... Whitey
James Barron .... Jake
Don Orlando .... Pinto
Eric Clavering .... Shiftless
Stan Francis .... Severn

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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