Adventures of Tintin, The (Series) (1990)

Aka: Aventures de Tintin, Les

Adventures of Tintin, The
An animated series based on the popular European comics. Tintin, a young Belgian reporter, gets involved in various mysteries and adventures with his dog Snowy, his friends Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus, and the bumbling detectives, Thomson and Thompson. Tintin and his cohorts investigate jewel thefts, track kidnappers, solve murders, and find sunken treasure in journeys ranging from around the world to their own backyard.

Colin O'Meara .... Tintin (voice)
David Fox .... Captain Haddock (voice)
Susan Roman .... Snowy/Milou (French version) (voice)
Wayne Robson .... Professor Calculus (voice)
John Stocker .... Detective Thompson (voice)
Vernon Chapman .... Nestor (voice)
Dan Hennessey .... Detective Thomson (voice)
Maureen Forrester .... Signora Bianca Castafiore (voice)
Yves Barsacq .... Le détective Dupont (voice)
Henri Labussière .... Le professeur Tournesol (voice)
Peter Meech .... Radio Announcer (voice)
Jean-Pierre Moulin .... Le détective Dupond (voice)
Christian Pellissier .... Le capitaine Haddock (voice)
Thierry Wermuth .... Tintin (French version) (voice)
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