Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim (Series) (1975)

Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim
Timothy is a young boy living on the streets of Toronto. He must routinely flee and hide from a bully who chases him for "five bucks! five bucks!" One day, to escape, Timothy hides in a big, battered, antique trunk that he finds in an alley. When he opens the lid and climbs out, he finds himself about one hundred years in the past where the trunk belongs to Zachariah Gibson, a charlatan (with a heart of gold) who sells "elixir" from a horse-drawn wagon. The short episodes follow the adventures of Timothy and Zachariah, now his friend and unlikely father-figure, as they face different challenges in both the "present" and the "past" always travelling between the two time periods through the magic trunk.

Paul Culliton .... Barney
Joey Davidson .... Timothy Pilgrim
David Hemblen .... Zachariah Gibson
Jack Mather .... Ol' Cooper
Arlene Meadows .... Wilma
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byClick here to see the profile of this user clay70, June 24, 2012
The 10 eps from this series is now on youtube for your viewing is ep. #1
I remember watching this show in re-runs when I was a kid. I loved that Timothy could go back in time to 1875 just by using a magic trunk. Years later I tried to find
Information on the show on YouTube, but I could barely remember the name of the show. I was so glad when I found an actual clip of the show on YouTube a few weeks ago. I liked how the show portrayed the Toronto streets all rough and gritty. A far cry from the clean and modern streets of Toronto today!

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