Adventures of Sinbad, The (Series) (1996-1999)

Adventures of Sinbad, The
Two years after having been swept away in a storm and awakening to find a mysterious bracelet strapped to his wrist, the famous captain sets off on new voyages. Sinbad assembles a crew with his impulsive elder brother Doubar which includes the under appreciated inventor/man of sciene Firouz, the silent warrior Rongar, a Celtic woman named Maeve (the apprentice of Sinbad's magician mentor Dim Dim), and her beloved guardian hawk Dermott. Later to join the crew is an enigma of a woman known as Bryn. Dim Dim's disappearence and a constant battle with a witch named Rumina, who holds a connection to Maeve and Dermott, causes the crew to travel distant lands, fighting tyrants and monsters, all the while trying to keep magic and adventure alive in the world.

Zen Gesner .... Sinbad
George Buza .... Doubar
Tim Progosh .... Firouz
Oris Erhuero .... Rongar
Jacqueline Collen .... Maeve (1996-1997)
Julianne Morris .... Rumina (recurring)
Andrew Scorer .... Malicut/Vatek
Mariah Shirley .... Bryn (1997-1998)
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byClick here to see the profile of this user uriah, December 31, 2009
This series was always good to watch. No. SEX, Just PAGAN GOODNESS.

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