Adventures of Shirley Holmes, The (Series) (1997-2000)

Adventures of Shirley Holmes, The
Shirley Holmes is far from your normal teenaged girl. Like her great uncle, the famous Sherlock Holmes, Shirley is a keen observer and tries to remain detached from everything. Her closest friend is her upper class boarding school's scholarship student, Bo Sawchuk, who helps her solve each case, deal with the disapearence of her explorer mother, and keeps her as human as possible. Yet, unlike her distant relation, Shirley learns not allow people like her arch nemisis Molly Hardy to get the better of her and that sometimes it's okay to just be a kid.

Meredith Henderson .... Shirley Holmes
John White .... Francis Boris 'Bo' Sawchuk
Brendan Fletcher .... Sterling 'Stink' Patterson
Sarah Ezer .... Molly Hardy
Elizabeth Shepherd .... Peggy Holmes
Annick Obonsawin .... Alicia Gianelli
Marie Stillin .... Ms Stratmann
Chris Humphreys .... Robert Holmes
Blair Slater .... Bartholomew 'Bart' James
Colin Fox .... Mr. Howie
David Brown .... Det. Pisano
Dan McLean .... Ranger Gary (1998)
Thomas Milburn Jr. .... Kasey Zee

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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