Adventures of Dudley the Dragon, The (Series) (1994-1999)

Adventures of Dudley the Dragon, The
Dudley the Dragon - A bumbling, but affable eight-foot tall green dragon who lived in a cave on this education fantasy series. The series followed the tale of Dudley the dragon who emerges from a hundred year slumber and finds that the world has changed. With the help of two 10-year old children, Sally and Matt, Dudley solves mysteries, observes the wonders of nature and confronts many of the social issues that plague the modern world, like pollution, energy conservation, bullying, and second hand smoke. Always overdramatic, Dudley bellows his opinion freely. For example, when he likes the taste of something, he will loudly proclaim it was "DEE-licious.”

Beside his new friends Matt and Sally, Dudley met a number of other characters including Chloe, his fairy godmother, Mr. Crabby Tree (a talking tree), a tooth fairy, a leprechaun, a cowardly ghost named Jacob Spookem, a mischievous clown, twin witches (Willomena and Ernestina), The Great Mezmra the fortuneteller, The Pumpkin King, The King of All Living Things (who wants to chop down Mr. Crabby Tree), and Clarence the Can, Dudley's magical garbage can.

Daniel DeSanto....Matt
Kirk Dunn....Dudley
Alex Galatis....Dudley (voice)
Daniel Goodfellow....Mickey
Natasha Greenblatt....Julia
Graham Greene....Mr. Crabby Tree
Sue Morrison....Mrs. Robin (voice)
James Rankin....Sammy/Mr. Robin (voice)
Asia Vieira....Sally
Robin Weekes....Terry
Anne-Marie Mcdonald....Fairy Godmother
Sir John Neville....Pumpkin King
Mary Walsh....WIllomena the witch /Princess
Cathy Jones....Ernestina the witch
Rick Mercer....The Great Mezmra the Fortuneteller
Martin Julien/Patricia McKenna....Troll
Sky Gilbert....Genie
Martin Julien....Caveman
Jesse Collins....Prince
Eric Peters....Leprechaun
Clark Johnson....Flammo the Magician
Jan Rubeš....King of All Living Things
Jackie Richardson....Face of Nature
Gary Farmer....The Tiny Giant
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bymoj, September 10, 2007
Sure to be a sleeper nostalgiac hit on the Canadian tv scene -- low-tech high concept uber-Barney situation with oodles of episodic cameos from some of Canada's best performers: Sir John Neville, Anne-Marie MacDonald, Mary Walsh, Eric Peterson, Sky Gilbert, etc. Heady stuff! Really, really evocative kiddie-synth score....

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