Adventures of Chich, The (Series) (1958-1959)

Adventures of Chich, The
After a three year absence, puppets Uncle Chichimus and his housekeeper/ secretary Hollyhock, returned to television in this 15-minute, 26 episode weekly broadcast. Each program featured a human companion, chosen from Larry Mann, Helene Winston, and Tom Kneebone. The Adventures of Chich made fun of fairy tales.

John Conway....Uncle Chichimus/Holly Hock
Tom Kneebone....Host
Larry D. Mann....Host
Helene Winston....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I was about 3 when my Aunt took me to the studio to see uncle chich. We had a black and white tv, no remote control in those days. I too was shocked and a bit frightened when I saw that my favourite puppet show "star" was green
byClick here to see the profile of this user vbricker, September 11, 2009
Too funny. I was actually telling someone about the Uncle Chichimus Show today and googled it when I got home and found this site. Good stuff!

In 1959, my cub scout troop in Ottawa were the studio audience at an Uncle Chich show. We were pretty excited as the show was a favorite of all the local little kids and we would get to see him live.

We were herded into the studio, told where to sit and how to behave, the lights went out, the spotlights came on and we gasped in horror. The lovable puppet that we always saw in grey tones on tv WAS GREEN and looked like something out of a horror movie. Cameras stopped rolling, lights went on and someone explained to us that green worked better on black and white tv.

I've never trusted the adult world since.

A few years later at about 11, I fell in love for the first time. Trudy Young from Razzle Dazzle. My fan letter to her was the first letter I ever sent. I have the Howard the Turtle button to prove she wrote back to me!

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