Episode Guide - Adrienne Clarkson Presents (Series) (1988-1999)

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Adrienne Clarkson Presents
Jun 28, 1988 - (Premiere) (Summer Festival) The first Erik Bruhn Prize Dance Competition Gala from Toronto's O'Keefe Centre; a performance by ballerina Natalia Makarova.

Jul 5, 1988 - A magazine-style format with a feature on the newly opened national art gallery in Ottawa, followed by the TV premieres of two short films: the Oscar-winning Canadian production The Man Who Planted Trees and a new Rasky film on French impressionist Edgar Degas.

Jul 18, 1989 - The National Ballet of Canada performs "La Ronde" with Karen Kain; a documentary about the creation and performance of the ballet "Blue Snake".

Aug 21, 1989 - The annual music festival at Lanaudiere, featuring singers Frederica Von Stade and Gwyneth Jones; the International Buskers Festival in Halifax; the new Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.

Jun 20, 1990 - "The Secret Life of the Soviet Union." A first look at the vaults of the Soviet censor with interviews of the officials responsible for suppressing the writers.

Jul 18, 1990 - A nationally commissioned ballet is anxiously planned and rehearsed in the months prior to its opening.

Aug 1, 1990 - Director David Lean is followed through the making of "A Passage to India"; a profile of Canadian JUNO Award-winning jazz pianist Jon Ballantyne.

Sep 5, 1990 - An open interview with Canadian actor Donald Sutherland with his family at their summer home.

Sep 27, 1990 - A look at the trials and tribulations of architect Carlos Ott, who designed and contructed the Paris Opera House

Oct 11, 1990 - Author Graham Greene reconstructs the escapades of an imposter who had assumed his name and credentials

Nov 8, 1990 - World War II artist Alex Colville helps to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the liberation of Holland

Nov 29, 1990 - Four Toronto cabbies who hope for show business careers — as a harpist, harmonica layer, punk singer and comic-painter.

Dec 5, 1991 - A profile of Stewart Goodyear, a child prodigy who taught himself to play piano before he could speak; the 200th anniversary of Mozart's death.

Sep 30, 1992 - Profiles La Classique du Quebec international ballroom dancing competition and Canada's top entrants; Sophia Loren; circus life with Cirque du Soleil.

Nov 9, 1993 - A profile of Stephane Leonard, the Montreal factory worker who became a professional ballet dancer at the age of 23.

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