Episode Guide - Adieu Alouette (Series) (1973)

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Adieu Alouette
Jan 3, 1973 - "Challenge for the Church," a penetrating study of the changing role of the Catholic church in Quebec.

Jan 10, 1973 - "Une Job Steady ... Un Bon Boss." A portrait of Quebec funnyman Yvon Deschamps.

Jan 24, 1973 - "The Ungrateful Land." This film is a portrait of Quebec novelist Roch Carrier, who revisits his home town, the small Quebec village of Ste. Justine.

Feb 7, 1973 - "Why I Sing." A portrait of chansonnier Gilles Vigneault - the man and his music.

Feb 14, 1973 - "Just Another Job." a profile of Les Nordiques de Quebec, French Canada's latest big-league hockey team of the new World Hockey Association. Highlights are interviews with both young and veteran players, club president Paul Racine and the team's first coach Maurice Richard and sequences of hockey action.

Feb 28, 1973 - "OK... Camera." The Quebec film industry and how it has burgeoned in a few years to become Canada's leading production centre. This edition goes behind the scenes to show films in production and talk to the actors and directors.

Mar 7, 1973 - "La Gastronomie." This edition looks at gourmet dining in Quebec. It includes a visit to the Hotel La Sapiniere in Val David where Marcel Krets (Chef of the Year) runs the kitchen; and the Provincial Hotel and Restaurant school (the only one of its kind in Canada) where 4,500 students learn cooking, bartending, hotel and restaurant management

Mar 14, 1973 - "In Our Own Way." This program tells of the part Quebec's young people are taking in shaping the future of their society, willed with goals of creating a better place to live while maintaining their cultural identity.

Mar 21, 1973 - "Backyard Theatre." Playwright Michel Tremblay and director Andre Brassard are two important figures in the Quebec theatre. Included in the film is a sequence of improvised theatre given by actors from two of Tremblay's plays. In the improvisation they assume their character roles and confront each other at an afternoon backyard party given for the writer and director.

Mar 28, 1973 - "La Quebecoise." The moods, aspirations and experiences of Quebec women today and their place in society, past and present Director Les Nirenberg interviews a cross-section of women from Senator Therese Casgrain and Judge Rejane Colas to a Playboy bunny, a nun and sociologist.

Apr 11, 1973 - "Do What You Must." The first of a two-part documentary study of Le Devoir, Canada's smallest and "fightingest" daily metropolitan newspaper. The dramatic history of Le Devoir is traced, from its birth, by Henri Bourassa through the way it has treated and interpreted the main events of the last 60 years in Quebec, Canada and the world.

Apr 18, 1973 - "The Quiet Revolution." The second part of this film takes a look at the people involved in the issues and Le Devoir's part in them

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