Adderly (Series) (1987-1988)

Aka: Crimes en Solde

Adderly featured the exploits of Miscellaneous Affairs' best— and only— agent, V.H. Adderly (Winston Rekert). Formerly a high-ranking government agent, Adderly's run in with a sadistic adversary left him without his left hand— and a job. Down but not out, the sleuth joins the tiny Miscellaneous Affairs department where he steps all over the neat plans of section chief Melville Greenspan and thrills lowly clerk Mona Ellerby. Filmed in Toronto, the series had been running in a late-night time slot on CBS for about 4 months before Global added it to their schedule.
A French version of this series titled "Crimes en Solde" was dubbed in Montreal by Sonolab, and broadcasted by TVA.

Winston Rekert .... V.H. Adderly
Jonathan Welsh .... Melville Greenspan
Dixie Seatle .... Mona Ellerby
Ken Pogue .... Major Jonathan B. Clack

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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