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Jul 17, 1977 - From Montreal, the program focuses on the Children's Defense Committee. The unique Canadian organization views children as the consumers of child welfare services and had adopted a militant stance in its fight with institutionalized child care agencies using demonstrations, confrontations and the courts to champion children's rights.

Jul 24, 1977 - From Toronto, the Continuing Committee on Racism.

Jul 31, 1977 - From Saskatoon, the National Farmers Union has a complaint to take to the nation: "Continuing government policy will make rural living a thing of the past," according to the NFU. "When small towns and villages cease to exist; when there are no longer any young people interested in farming and the rural life, will the government listen to us then." Roy Atkinson, president of the National Farmers' Union, discusses the problems that threaten rural life: insufficient government support, poor distribution of produce and corporate controls. Host: Rob Parker.

Aug 7, 1977 - From Vancouver, an organization which is national in scope, whose members are embroiled in the controversy over the rights of the adopted to discover their past. Parent Finders is dedicated to helping adoptees to find their parents. Host Rob Parker.

Aug 28, 1977 - From Charlottetown, the Family Planning Association of P.E.I. examines the lack of family planning.

Sep 4, 1977 - From Vancouver, the Community Planning Association of Canada.

Sep 11, 1977 - Widespread ignorance of the basic facts of life still exists, says the Planned Parenthood Association of Prince Edward Island. On this program, association director Alan Preston and counselor Wendy Morrison describe the group's aim: not to give advice, but to provide information they hope will prevent unwanted pregnancy. Teen-agers are interviewed for their opinions on sex education.

Jul 16, 1978 - Members of a community association in Newfoundland's Bay d'Espoir discuss their efforts to alleviate the area's drastic winter unemployment and to spur economic development. Rita Deverell is the hostess.

Aug 20, 1978 - A report on Inter Pares, an Ottawa group that assists existing aid projects in Bangladesh, India and Africa. Rita Deverell is the series hostess.

Sep 10, 1978 - Focusing on War Amputations of Canada, formed after World War I to help war amputees. The organization now also aids child amputees, and produces films to warn about situations in which they might lose a limb.

Jul 15, 1979 - Today: From Montreal a program with the Canadian Celtic Congress.

Apr 28, 1980 - Season Debut. This series, now in its eighth season, is dedicated to making air time available to the public. In the opener, the volunteer firefighters of Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., talk about the role they play in their community.

May 19, 1980 - The 7th Step Society in Calgary is an organization staffed and administered by ex-cons in order to help them stay ex-cons. But they claim that they are distrusted and misunderstood by established social agenices, prison officials and the police. In the program they tell viewers what they actually do and discuss at their meetings versus what some people seem to think they're up to.

Jun 9, 1980 - Formerly known as the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Jaycees' popular image is of a refuge for young executives on their way up—a closed club that teaches public speaking and "how to do it to your buddy" in business. This group from Ottawa is trying to change that image.

Jun 23, 1980 - Everyone knows that Greek Canadians run restaurants and spend their leisure time drinking ouzo and dancing when they're not in church — right? Wrong! says a group from the Greek Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. Representatives talk about the diversity of their community.

Sep 11, 1982 - Representatives of the Kitchener-Waterloo Cycle Sport Association discuss their attempts to encourage motorcyclists to take riding-instruction courses and other safety precautions.

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