Episode Guide - About Canada (Series) (1956-1957)

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Season 1:
Tue 6:00-6:30 pm EST, 14 Feb - 17 Jul 1956

Episode order and dates unknown:
'Men of Lunenberg' and 'Windswept Isles'
'Dick Hickey, Blacksmith' and 'Peter and the Potter'
'Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering' and 'Voices from Acadia'
'Shadow on the Prairies' and 'Paul Tomkowicz, Street Railway Switchman'
'The Newcomers'
'People of the Skeena' and 'Arctic Dog Team'
'Longhouse People'
'Taxi Driver', 'Caleche Driver', and 'Motorman'
'Story of Oil' and 'Salt from the Earth'

Season 2:

May 12, 1957 - Your Forest Heritage, produced in 1951 by Sally MacDonald, with music by William McCauley and art by John Maxted; and Maple Sugar Time.

May 19, 1957 - Second program in a series of National Film Board films. Today, part one of "Royal Journey," produced in 1951. It tells the story of the Royal visit to Canada and of the many festivities surrounding it. Music is by Louis Applebaum and commentary by L. McFarlane. T. C. Daly, produced.

May 26, 1957 - A National Film Board series. This week—"Royal Journey," Part 2, and a "short" on vocational training for handicapped children.

Jun 2, 1957 - National Film Board series. This week, three films from "Faces of Canada," about a taxi-driver, a caleche driver in Quebec City, and a street-car motorman, and a short film about a railway which goes "to sea" in order to provide a connection between the end of steel at Squamish and Vancouver, 40 miles away.

Jun 9, 1957 - "The Longhouse People," a National Film Board production about the history and customs of the Six Nations Indians; and a short film on Eskimo stone-carvers.

Jun 16, 1957 - Three National Film Board productions — "Peoples of the Skeena," about the Getikshan and Tsimshian Indians of northern B.C.; "Arctic Dog Team," about the role of husky dogs in Eskimo life in the eastern Arctic; and "White Water Highways" on the Quebec logging industry.

Jun 23, 1957 - Two National Film Board films from the series "Canada Carries On" — "High Tide in Newfoundland" and "Mission Ship," about a hospital ship serving points along the west coast.

Jun 30, 1957 - Three short films about the people, ships and islands of the Maritimes. "Men of Lunenburg," gives a composite picture of the traditions of Nova Scotia's landsmen. The other two films are on the Magdalen Islanders and Sable Island. (Final program.)

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