A Go Go '66 (Series) (1965-1966)

A Go Go '66 featured young Canadian recording stars along with Robbi Lane and his orchestra, and the Go Go girls, in a discotheque setting. It debuted on the CTV network on September 17, 1965 and aired for a full year.

Mike Darrow .... Host
Robbie Lane .... Regular
Lynda Chankin .... Dancer
Linda Christopher .... Dancer
Claudette Houchen .... Dancer
Diane Webb .... Dancer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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I am looking for this show....Jodi Lynn is my sister in law....trying to find one of the shows she was on for the family but can't find any one that has a live show.......would love to hear from anyone that has any ideas on how to find it or know of someone who has them I could contact...thank you so much.....
byClick here to see the profile of this user comtrolm, August 6, 2009
A exelent show The 3 backup singers were named

The Willows and the name of the group was Robbi Lane and the deciples
The backup girls were called The Willows

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