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Dec 7, 1986 (CBC) - Fed up with trying to teach no-hoper youths in Britain, a teacher (Robert Wisden) comes to Canada to make a fresh start and gets a rude shock when he's faced with the task of taming the delinquent students of notorious 9B. Producer/director: James Swan. Filmed in Fort Nelson. (2 hrs)


Feb 5, 1989 - In the opener, Dawson deals with the strange behavior of a student (Zachary Ansley) who's having a particularly hard time with his homework, and— in a plotline satisfying the requisite demands for scandal— calms down the school's vice-principal (Thomas Hauff) when his daughter (Nikki DeBoer) collapses and has a miscarriage.

Feb 12, 1989 - A young single mother encounters unexpected challenges which threaten her plans to start a new life at the school. Everyone misinterprets Bob's interest in the attractive new student.

Feb 19, 1989 - Melody wins a trip to Tokyo in an essay contest; Dawson helped student cope with his learning disability.

Feb 26, 1989 - Friendships are strained as a teachers strike divides the school's staff; Principal Bradman makes a surprising announcement.

Mar 5, 1989 - Steve's brother (Laurence King) returns to Fort Hamilton to start up a family business; and when Mary (Joanne Vannicola) decides that being on the school soccer team just isn't worth the effort, Dawson sets out to prove that she's wrong. [Last show of the series.)

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