9B (Series) (1986; 1989)

In this 1986 CBC TV movie, Robert Wisden starred as high school teacher Bob Dawson and his class of hostile anti-social students who he decides to enter in a drama festival competition. The story was based on the experiences of Don Hunter and the real classroom 9B of '68, a class made up of all the so-called "problem students" in a northern B.C. school. Hunter acted as an adviser on the TV movie's screenplay.

In early 1989, a 5-episode weekly series debuted on CBC based on the 9B movie. The series followed Bob Dawson and the antics of his often unruly charges.

Robert Wisden .... Bob Dawson (TV Movie and series)
Ron White .... Fowler (TV Movie)
Sheila McCarthy .... Heather (TV Movie)
Joann McIntyre .... Liz (TV Movie)
John Bayliss .... Pricipal Bradman (TV Movie and Series)
James Bradford .... MacMillan (TV Movie)
Rachael Crawford .... Jenny (TV Movie and Series)
Chris Owens .... Steve (TV Movie and Series)
Trevor Smith .... Joey (TV Movie)
Nikki DeBoer .... Erin (TV Series)
Thomas Hauff .... Vice-principal (TV Series)
Vincent Murray .... Ken (TV Series)
Zachary Ansley .... John / Skelly (TV Series)
Melanie Miller .... Beth Masters (TV Series)
Robyn Stevan .... Donna (TV Series)
Laurence King .... Steve's brother (TV Series)
Joanne Vannicola .... Mary (TV Series)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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