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90 Minutes Live
The following is a partial list of episodes.

Nov 29, 1976 - Guests: David Suzuki, Dizzy Gillespie, Alex Haley, Maureen Forrester, Rebounders.

Nov 30, 1976 - Guests: James Boren, Mayor Steve Juba, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Cathy Moses.

Dec 1, 1976 - Guests: Shere Hite, Magnus Pyke, Bev D'Angelo.

Dec 2, 1976 - Guests: Del Shannon, Emmet Kelly, Lise Payette, Mary Lou MacDonald.

Dec 3, 1976 - Guests: Ballet Trocadero, Jack Webster, Phil Edmonston, Colleen Peterson

Dec 6, 1976 - Guests: Arthur Hailey, W. O. Mitchell, A. J. Weberman, T. Canignan.

Dec 7, 1976 - Guests: Patsy Gallant, The Cookie Monster and Theatre Passe Muraille. A look at some new toys. Hydrophonics, a new method of growing greenery indoors.

Dec 8, 1976 - Guests: Peter Maas, Tom Kneebone and Dinah Christie, Bob Ruzika. Christmas gift ideas; hand-size lie detector.

Dec 9, 1976 - Guests: Anne Murray; Eddie Shack; Famous People Players; psychic, superweapons.

Dec 10, 1976 - The Human Bomb confronts The Human Fly; Steve Rosen, Futurologist; The 90 Minutes Bargain-basement Talent Show, with Danny Finkleman.

Dec 13, 1976 - Guests: Richard Reeves, W.O. Mitchell.

Dec 14, 1976 - Guests: Ron Galella, Robert Stanfield.

Dec 15, 1976 - A troup of Chinese acrobats: Andre Gagnon; Malcolm Bricklin; discussion of insomnia.

Dec 16, 1976 - Guests: Bruce Murray, Mordecai Richler, Elfie Schlegel.

Dec 17, 1976 - The Men of the Deep chorus of miners. Flora MacDonald; report on Count Dracula; 90 Minute Bargain Basement Talent Hunt.

Jan 5, 1977 - Guests: Scarlet Rivera, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Richard Monette, Michel Tremblay.

Jan 6, 1977 - Guests: Alan Fotheringham, John Mayall, Don Arioli, Chuck Jones.

Jan 17, 1977 - The show moves to Calgary Monday and Tuesday. Scheduled: Author W.O. Mitchell ("Who Has Seen the Wind?"); singer-composer Bob Ruzicka; and Calgary mayor Rod Sykes.

Jan 18, 1977 - Scheduled: Edmonton Eskimos' football player Larry Highbaugh and geneticist David Suzuki.

Jan 19, 1977 - Scheduled guests: author Anthony Scaduto ("Scapegoat: The Lonesome Death of Bruno Richard Hauptmann"); and sports columnist Christie Blatchford.

Jan 20, 1977 - Scheduled: Frank Mankiewicz, press secretary to Robert F. Kennedy; and singer Pauline Julien.

Jan 21, 1977 - Scheduled: Donald Sutherland; singer Patsy Gallant; and author John Fuller ("The Ghost of Flight Four-Hundred-One").

Mar 30, 1977 - Singer Joan Armatrading will be a guest.

Apr 4, 1977 - Scheduled guests in Edmonton: pop singer Suzanne Stevens; and Peter's cousin, deep-sea diver Wayne Gzowski.

Apr 5, 1977 - Scheduled: The Canadian Brass.

Apr 6, 1977 - Singer Lori Lieberman is among the scheduled guests.

Apr 7, 1977 - The Alberta separatist movement is among scheduled topics.

Apr 8, 1977 - Scheduled guest: Tom Hayden, defeated candidate for the U.S. Senate from California.

Sep 26, 1977 - Season Debut. Michael Magee and Danny Finkelman are the guests on the first show of Peter Gzowski's second season. Also: the first of a five-part report on the Berger Inquiry filmed in the Northwest Territories.

Sep 27, 1977 - Scheduled: Journalist Allan Fotheringham; the second of five parts on the Berger report. Also: Clemence Desrochers and Valri Bromfield in a sketch about bilingualism

Sep 28, 1977 - Scheduled: Third of five parts on the Berger Report. Also: food columnist James Barber.

Sep 29, 1977 - Scheduled: Photographer John Kastner, a specialist in candid shots; fourth of five parts on the Berger Report, filmed in the North.

Jan 9, 1978 - This week from Toronto, with host Peter Gzowski, and regular contributors Danny Finkleman and Michael Magee, and John Harvard.

Jan 10, 1978 - From Toronto wth host Peter Gzowski and regular contributors West Coast columnist Allan Fotheringham; comediennes Valri Bromfield and Clemence Desrochers; and John Harvard.

Jan 11, 1978 - With Peter Gzowski and regular contributors Vancouver food columnist James Barbar; and John Harvard.

Jan 12, 1978 - With Peter Gzowski and regular contributors John Kastner with his hidden camera, and John Harvard.

Jan 13, 1978 - With Peter Gzowski and regular contributors Flo and Eddy; and John Harvard.

Apr 4, 1978 - Guests: writers Sheila Shailey and Doris Anderson; wrestler Angelo Mosca; the Irish Rovers.

Apr 5, 1978 - Guests: poet Al Purdy, the rock group Rough Trade. James Barbar, Danny Finkelman.

Apr 6, 1978 - Guests: singer Salome Bey, comedian Robin Williams. Also: John Kastner's hidden camera.

Apr 7, 1978 - Guests: Buckminster Fuller, former actor George Montgomery.

Apr 17, 1978 - Guests: professional pep-talker Jean-Marc Chaput, Fred C. Dobbs and Danny Finkelman.

Apr 19, 1978 - Guests: singer Loudon Wainwright III and James Barbar.

Apr 21, 1978 - Guests: commentator Bob McKeown and singers Flo & Eddie.

Apr 24, 1978 - Guests: Buffy Sainte-Marie, Cab Calloway, actress Marilyn Lightstone, Fred C. Dobbs, and David Halsey, who is traveling across Canada using century-old means of transport.

Apr 25, 1978 - Guests: singer Roy Orbison; harmonica player Larry Adler.

Apr 26, 1978 - Guests: actors Tony Curtis, Frances Hyland; theater director John Hirsch; singer Long John Baldry.

Apr 27, 1978 - Scheduled guests: Anita Bryant; pianist Gene DiNovi; Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark, formerly of the Byrds singing group.

Apr 28, 1978 - Guests: attorney F. Lee Bailey; Tommy Hunter; and Dr. John Tyson, who discusses plastic surgery.

May 8, 1978 - Scheduled guests: Gloria Swanson; professional pep-talker Jean-Marc Chaput; comedian Dave Broadfoot; and Fred C. Dobbs.

May 9, 1978 - Singer Ginette Reno is a scheduled guest.

May 10, 1978 - Scheduled guests: monologist Yvon Deschamps; singer Taj Mahal; comedienne Denise Filiatrault; retired diplomat Chester Ronning.

May 11, 1978 - Guests: actor Jean Lapointe; singer Gilles Rivard.

May 12, 1978 - Highlights from the program's first two seasons.

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