Episode Guide - 33 Brompton Place (Series) (1983)

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The following are episode description for 3 of the 5 episodes.

Episode 3. Robin McNamara gets nervous when the FBI questions her about Ben Markham's death; Toni Teasdale applies for her first modelling job, at Fox Magazine; Patricia Powers learns that her parents are getting divorced; and Peter Tarrow conducts some industrial espionage on a scientific project. (Jan 23, 1983)

Episode 4. Toni goes for her first photo session as a model; Robin is investigated by the FBI because of her Industrial espionage activities.

Episode 5. Peter Tarrow forces Robin to take on another espionage assignment; model Toni lands a cover assignment and gets a visit from her apparently pregnant younger sister; and Patricia's mother, distressed by an impending divorce, attempts suicide.

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