33 Brompton Place (Series) (1983)

33 Brompton Place was an adult soap opera on Global which aired on Showtime in the U.S. the previous year. It was the first Canadian pay-TV drama series, although the theme song and dialogue both identified the series as taking place in Chicago.

The five one-hour episodes told of the trials and tribulations of Toni, Robin and Patricia, three young women who shared a luxury penthouse suite at 33 Brompton Place. Toni was an innocent from Iowa who modeled and dreamt of becoming a star; Robin was an account executive turned industrial spy; and Patricia was an editor of Foxxx magazine who was also mixed up with a married man. Nude centerfolds were featured in the script, although most of the nudity was cut out in the Canadian version.

Executive producer Anthony Finocchio approached Global with the deal from Showtime. The series was co-produced by ABA Productions from Chicago and Global, who provided technical services and an all-Canadian cast. The series was taped at Global's Don Mills studios and received Canadian content status from the CRTC.

A deal was not reached between Showtime and the producers to continue the series. The series ended after the five pilot episodes.

Brenda Bazinet .... Robin McNamara
Elizabeth (Libbie) Lennie .... Patricia Powers
Roberta Weiss .... Toni Teasdale
Jon Granik .... Peter Tarrow
Meg Hogarth .... Patricia's mother
Helene Udy .... Toni's younger sister
George Robert .... Judge Parker
Patricia Hamilton
Doris Petrie
Rex Hagon
James B. Douglas

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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