20 Minute Workout (Series) (1983-1985)

Aka: :20 Minute Workout

20 Minute Workout
Each show of this provocative aerobic exercise series started off slowly with stretching and limbering up before switching into high gear with an exhausting variety of movements that flowed into one another. The program had a fluid, sensuous look to it, unlike other exercise shows with their straight-on camera angles. The show's creator, Ron Harris, designed a white turntable, 12 feet in diameter with a shiny surface and used four cameras - one straight in, one at 45 degrees, one at 90 degrees and one straight above.

The series evolved from an earlier Harris series of five-minute adult exercise programs called Aerobicise which was extremely popular on pay-TV in the U.S.

:20-Minute Workout was a co-production of CHUM/CITY Productions, Orion Pictures and Nelvana Ltd., and all 65 episodes were taped in three weeks at Magder Studios in Scarborough, Ont. Harris directed and chose the girls personally. Nine girls rotated as instructors - six Canadians and three from the U.S. - and they underwent a rigorous training program before the taping started.

It was pretty hard to ignore the sexual overtones of the show. Occasionally, a girl would look at the camera and wink, or blow a kiss, but Harris claimed that there was no deliberate attempt to make it a jiggle show.

:20-Minute Workout was syndicated throughout North America and appeared in reruns as late as the 1990's in some markets.

Sharon Bisset .... (1983)
Michelle Brimacombe .... (1984)
Laurie Briscoe .... (1983)
Holly Butler .... (1983)
Sue Carter .... (1983)
Ella Collins .... (1984)
Sharon Hasfal .... (1984)
Alison Hope .... (1984)
Nerise Houghton .... (1984)
Nicole Nardini .... (1983)
Anne Schumacher
Leslie Smith .... (1983)
Arlaine Wright .... (1983)
Bess Motta .... (1983)
Leslie Smith

Original Broadcaster(s): CITY

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byClick here to see the profile of this user greazychikkin, November 1, 2009
Didn't one of the girls on this show pass away while it was still in production? a smaller girl with curly hair? or is it some other?
byRingleader, January 4, 2008
Loved to watch the show for the great music....nearly bought the record when it was available.....but didn't have the money or the guts at the time

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