Episode Guide - 12 For Summer (Series) (1966-1967)

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Season 1

June 25, 1966 - (From Toronto) The first show stars folksingers Malka and Joso. They sing Israeli and Neapolitan songs; and introduce music and dance from the West Indies, performed by Prince Oscar and his Dancers from Jamaica, the Merrymen from Barbados and King Errison of the Bahamas, the sensational drummer seen in the film Thunderball. Malka and Joso's guests also include the Beers Family, playing and singing traditional American folk music.

Jul 2, 1966 - (From Vancouver) 12 For Summer features popular West Coast singer Ken Colman. With Colman will be guest singers Patty Surbey and Gillian Russel and a big band led by Bobby Hales.

Jul 9, 1966 - Unknown Episode

Jul 16, 1966 - (From Toronto) "The Doug Crosley Show." Doug Crosley is the featured singer. It will also present Vanda King, the Willows, and a big band under the direction of saxophonist Pat Riccio. Production is by Bob Jarvis.

Jul 23, 1966 - (From Winnipeg) "Ramblin' Man." Reg Gibson is host. The show also features Terri Lane, Andy Anderson, Laurel Ward, the New Tavern Singers, the Rodger Brothers and Ted Komar's orchestra.

Jul 30, 1966 - Bill Langstroth introduces Anne Murray, Ken Tobias and Edith Butler in a program of folk music.

Aug 6, 1966 - Patti Van Evera, Robina Beard and Tommy Common are featured. Videotaped on location at Milford Manor, Lake Muskoka, the show catches the mood of a pleasant summer day in the country.

Aug 20, 1966 - "The Billy Van Show." Singer and comic Billy Van stars with his wife Patti and the Lucio Agostini Orchestra.

Aug 27, 1966 - "The Guido Basso Show." Trumpeter Guido Basso, his big band, singer Betty Robertson and special guest Roy Castle appear.

Sep 3, 1966 - (From Toronto) "The Gordie Tapp Show." Gordie Tapp with guests Joyce Sullivan, Allan Blye, and the comic trio The Paul Brothers and Shirley.

Season 2

Jun 18, 1967 - (From Vancouver) A program with Patty Surbey and Pat Rose with the Brian Griffiths orchestra.

Jun 25, 1967 - (From Toronto) "A Joyous Noise from Toronto." The program features The Young Corporation who sing and play music from folk to popular. Singer Billy Van is the director and the show, in color, was filmed aboard a luxury yacht on Lake Ontario. (Originally scheduled for Jun 18, 1967)

Jul 2, 1967 - (From Vancouver) "Lance's Jazzhouse," featuring Lance Harrison and his Dixieland band in a roadhouse speakeasy setting reminiscent of the Twenties.

Jul 9, 1967 - (From Winnipeg) Eric Wild leads the Hymn Sing chorus in a program ranging from folksongs to opera, and Broadway to the classics. Who Will Buy, Walking Happy, Edelweiss Song, Sourwood Mountain, Dream of Olwen, Jalousie, Somewhere and the Waltz from Die Fledermaus are performed. Sharon-Ann Ewens, a member of the chorus, is hostess.

Jul 16, 1967 - (From Ottawa) Orville Johnston, Dorothy Krikorian and Priscilla Wright star in a "musical trip across the weather map."

Jul 23, 1967 - Unknown Episode

Jul 30, 1967 - (From Edmonton) Features singers Buddy Victor, Al Osten, Mark Cohen, Dianne Nelson and Natalka.

Aug 6, 1967 - (From Halifax) "Sunday In The Park," with Dave Woods.

Aug 13, 1967 - Unknown Episode

Aug 20, 1967 - (From Winnipeg) Host is vocalist Ron Kantor, with guests Ray St. Germain, the rock group Manae, the dancing group The Fascinations, and music by the Bob McMullin Orchestra.

Aug 27, 1967 - (From Vancouver) Tonight's show features Miles Ramsay, a member of the Numerality Singers, and The Collectors, a folk-rock group.

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