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100 Huntley Street
The following is a partial list of episodes.

Jun 9, 1980 - Guests today are Ed Dufresnes, involved in a healing Ministry and Ken Bliss, President of Inspirational Films Distributors.

Jun 10, 1980 - Appearing today are Al Lewis, singer, and Dr. C. Milton Grannium, pastor of the High St. Church of God in Philadelphia.

Jun 11, 1980 - Guest on Huntley Street today are Jana-Lyn Stewart, Associate Producer for Circle Square and Bob Kain, Animator.

Jun 12, 1980 - Guests today on Huntley Street are Ann Orton, artist who was healed of Multiple Sclerosis and musician Doug McKenzie.

Jun 13, 1980 - Guests today are Ray Harrison, President of International Needs and Wiz Bryant, Canadian folk singer.

Jun 23, 1980 - Today's guests include Cecil Kerr, a minister in the Church of Ireland and Pastor Alexander Ness, pastor and founder of the Christian Centre in Toronto.

Jun 24, 1980 - "A Special Youth With a Mission Day" With Don Stevens who will be discussing the ship that is going into different ports throughout the world.

Jun 25, 1980 - "Bonnie Thielmonn" Jim Jones's one time daughter tells her inside story of People's Temple and why she left.

Jun 26, 1980 - Special guests today include Bill Underwood who trains police officers in physical defence tactics and Carmen Locke, police officer with the city of Timmins.

Jun 27, 1980 - Guests on the program today are: Muriel Harmon, a retired widow, and Carl and Faye Johnson. Carl, a police sergeant with the city of Sarnia, will be discussing their daughter's life before her death in September, 1972.

Aug 5, 1980 - Sandy and Steve Fatow, devout gospel Christians join host David Mainse.

Aug 6, 1980 - Jerusalem's Dr. Larry David Samuels, Professor of Medical Studies joins David Mainse.

Aug 7, 1980 - Mr. Ernie Hollands, once a convict, now runs his own prison ministry. Today, he talks with David Mainse.

Aug 8, 1980 - Ex-drug addict Jerry Dunoulin talks about his religious work with teenagers in trouble.

Aug 19, 1980 - David's guests today include the leaders of the Living Praise Choir and Jack Charleson. Chairman of the Board of "Faith Today" magazine.

Aug 20, 1980 - Sanda Judy Hampton, author of the book "Whatever Happened to Judy", discusses her blindness resulting from a childhood beating.

Aug 21, 1980 - The Rev. Wesley Ball, United Church Minister, speaks about an exciting conversion to Christianity.

Aug 22, 1980 - Arthur Beals, executive director of World Concerns International and Ed and Lynn Creary, Roman Catholics involved in the Charismatic renewal are featured guests.

Jan 20, 1981 - With Sir Lionel Luckhoo, Barrister in Georgetown, Guyana; In Guiness Book of Records for getting 228 persons acquitted of murder charges and Inge Bruck a well-known German singer.

Jan 21, 1981 - With Al Palmquist an Executive Director with Mid-western Challenge in Minnesota; dealing with drug rehabilitation and prostitution and author of "The Minnesota Connection".

Jan 22, 1981 - Across Canada Day — Jack Warkentin and Wiz Bryant will be discussing the trip across Canada in June. John Ashcroft and Max Bacon -a republican, (John) ... (Max) a democrat, form a bi-partisan team spreading the Gospel through song and word.

Jan 23, 1981 - Theodore Dobson author of Inner Healing: "God's Great Assurance," devotes himself to an in-depth ministry of healing, preaching, and teaching which brings him to professional and lay groups both Catholic and Protestant. David Lewis, author of "The President Zero Year Mystery" and teacher on Bible Prophecy.

Jan 27, 1981 - Today's guests are Cheryl Prewitt, 1980 Miss America and Dr. George Brazell, psychologist and author.

Feb 2, 1981 - Host David Manse will be interviewing John Docherty as "King David". He is a student at Emmanuel Bible College. Also today are Judy and Doug Main. Doug is a Broadcaster with CITV in Edmonton along with his wife, Judy, will be sharing their testimony.

Feb 3, 1981 - Today's guests include Sylvia Jones, Secretary for the Communications Department, who, after attempting suicide, getting involved with ESP and reincarnation, will tell us how she found the fullness of life in Christ and also Tim Janz once Canada's leading drug pushers, got arrested and thrown in jail where he found Jesus.

Feb 4, 1981 - With Joan Windmill-Brown and Bill Brown.

Feb 13, 1981 - Today's guests are Tom Grazioso, evangelist and Bible teacher with Assemblies of God and former missionary for 8 years in Italy; Narciso Padilia, founder and president of the "Hallelujah Foundation Broadcasting Corporation" in Manilla, Philippines; and Leslie Hald from Belfast, Ireland, one of the most positive, dynamic, and inspired speaker.

Feb 16, 1981 - Today's guest are Sonia Beals and Shirley Green, who speaks of her beautiful ministries.

Feb 17, 1981 - Today's guests are Esther Olson, founder of the Emerge Counselling Centre, and John and Sondra Yates, who share their recent visit to Haiti.

Feb 19, 1981 - Today's guests are Don Martin, dean of the Quebec Bible College, along with authors and pastors Frances and Charles Hunter.

Feb 20, 1981 - Today's guest is Dale Evans, actress, singer and speaker, who uses her talents in the glory of God.

Feb 26, 1981 - Today's guests are Gail Bench, foster parent and Jacques and Rani Bauthier. Jacques is a lawyer in the city of Toronto.

Jun 17, 1981 - "Salute to Canada" Special religious program broadcast from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Includes message by the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

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