Naked Mind, The

The Naked Mind was a four-part series that blended drama with psychology. Following performances of emotionally charged scenes from plays, a lay panel analyzed the characters' personality conflicts. An expert then offered his comments. This 1974 series was derived from a single one-hour show, also called The Naked Mind, broadcast in May 1973 on the CBC. ...

Original Airdates1973-1974



Nanalan' Created by the internationally acclaimed puppet troupe The Grogs, Nanalan' invites viewers to join a delightful three-year-old girl named Mona on her exciting adventures at her Nana's house. Together with her best friend Russell the dog, Mona explores, discovers and learns what it's like to be three and free. Nanalan' is a show that celebrates the senso ...

Original Airdates1998-2004

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Tracy Ryan plays the lead role of Nancy Drew, a classic character from young people's literature, brought to life in Nelvana's live action television series. Today's Nancy has moved away from home in River Heights to the big city, where she studies in criminology at the local university and solves mysteries on the side.

Original Airdates1995

Nation's Business, The


The Nation's Business started in the spring of 1956 as a ten minute, free time political television broadcast, a service already offered on CBC radio. It ran every other week. In the autumn, it expanded to a quarter hour, and alternated with a broadcast of similar format devoted to the politics of the provinces. The programs were then cut back to slots ...

Original Airdates1956-1969

National Crime Test

In an attempt to combat crime, CTV had gone to the thieves themselves to find out how they operate. The National Crime Test documented a variety of crimes- breaking and entering, car theft, pickpocketing and so forth- revealing how vulnerable our possessions really are. Using reenactments of actual crimes, criminals explained what they look for in their ...

Original Airdates1981

National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway, The


National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway, The Canadian popular historian, Pierre Berton, recounts the story of one of the most challenging and important political and engineering projects in Canadian history, the building of the country's first trans-continental railway. Beginning as part of Prime Minister John A Macdonald's deal in 1871 to have British Columbia join Canada, the project seemed fool ...

Original Airdates1974

National Driving Test


This audience-participation test outlined the dangers of getting behind the wheel of a car. Some of the 40 questions explored the limitations of this sophisticated— but potentially destructive— machine: headlights often don't project far enough, improper selection of tires can deprive you of control and brakes often won't lock simultaneously. Since thes ...

Original Airdates1979-1980

National, The


National, The The National is the nightly flagship news and current affairs daily program of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's public broadcaster. It is a 60-minute program. The main broadcast time is weeknights at 10 PM, local time. CBC Newsworld also broadcasts The National, at various times starting at 9:00 p.m. ET Depending on the day's news, the ...

AkaCBC News: The National, The National with Peter Mansbridge
Original Airdates1970-

Nature Connection, The


In each episode of this highly-acclaimed series, Dr. Suzuki lead a group of children on a voyage to discover different aspects of the environment and learn how each individual is "connected" to nature. Through their adventures, the children and viewers learned to appreciate their relationship with the environment and what they can do to protect it. The ...

AkaNature Connection With David Suzuki
Original Airdates1991

Nature of Things, The


Nature of Things, The One of the CBC's most successful productions in terms of longevity, audience acceptance, and international sales, The Nature of Things has been a mainstay of the network's science unit since 1960. Underlying the program is the interaction of human beings and aspects of different fields of natural and physical science and the evolution of technology. In ...

AkaThe Nature of Things with David Suzuki
Original Airdates1960-

Ned's Newt


Ned's Newt What happens when Ned overfeeds his 4 inch-long, lethargic pet newt with Zippo Newt Food? That little, harmless newt turns into a five hundred-pound monster called Newton: the most mischievous, gluttonous, fun playmate ever! An incredible mimic, Newton can camouflage himself to avoid detection from grown-ups and other kids, and is always there to lend a ...

Original Airdates1997-1999

Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben

Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben, was a half-hour situation comedy about four elderly citizens who left the security of a home for the aged in favour of striking out on their own. Alicia Ammon, Roy Brinson, Jack Ammon and Barbara Iremain played the seniors, with Lani Ashenhurst as Jennifer, a young friend who moves in with them. CBC aired the pilot in Jan ...

AkaNellie, Daniel, Emma and Ben
Original Airdates1978-1980

Neon Rider


Neon Rider Michael Terry is a best selling writer/therapist who is tired of his high profile life. He decides to take a couple of days off and go to his ranch. That is when he comes with the idea to use it as a place for troubled teens. The teens would live on the ranch, do all sorts of chores, and learn the value of honesty and friendship. A 2 hour pilot movie ...

Original Airdates1989-1995

Net Worth


Net Worth This powerful tale of the NHL's early years follows Ted Lindsay, an all-star for the Detroit Red Wings, in his quest to create a Player's Association to protect the rights of players against the ravages of monopolistic, profit taking owners. Lindsay, spurred on by the memory of a former teammate who died broke because he couldn't access his pension, mob ...

Original Airdates1995
TypeTV Movie


Network was a late-evening variety show seen over the CTV Television Network. The show was based on the night club entertainment trend across Canada. Seen Monday through Friday, it promised to feature top Canadian entertainers and U.S. stars. Many acts were videotaped by affiliate stations. Starting December 3, 1962, the program augmented its regular ...

Original Airdates1962-1963

NeverEnding Story, The

NeverEnding Story, The Based on the original German novel by Michael Ende, this animated series carries us away to a whimsical, magical world filled with thrilling, action-packed adventures. Join Bastian and his extraordinary friends as they journey to the far reaches of Fantasia, a land of hopes, dreams and unforgettable characters. Make new friends and confront formidable f ...

AkaHistoire sans fin, L' (French Title)
Original Airdates1995-1996

New Addams Family, The

New Addams Family, The Basically an updated-for-the-90's version of the original Addams Family show. The family remains the same: Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Granmama, Lurch, Thing, and Cousin Itt. They're still spooky, and they still have a lot of neighbours and other outsiders who show up and get freaked out by the family's macabre shenanigans.

Original Airdates1998-1999

New Adventures of Pinocchio, The


New Adventures of Pinocchio, The Canadian actors and technicians cooperated with Japanese puppetry experts to produce this Pinocchio cartoon series for television. The Pinocchio series was made with stringless puppets, a technique popular in Japan but which was unknown on this side of the Pacific. Dentsu Advertising Agency of Tokyo provided the puppet sequences and the U.S. provide ...

Original Airdates1962

New Beat the Clock, The


When the classic game show Beat the Clock was revived in 1969, it was produced in New York for one season before moving to Montreal. In the game, celebrity guest contestants and the Beat The Clock contestants raced the clock to perform entertaining stunts for cash prizes. This CTV version was hosted by Jack Narz for the first two seasons before he was r ...

AkaBeat the Clock
Original Airdates1970-1974

New Film Makers

A seven-week color series of half-hours titled New Film Makers, brought to the attention of CBC-TV viewers the work of a number of Canadians, most of them young, who were experimenting with film as a means of expression. By means of interviews with the film makers, and samples of their work (some short films, and excerpts from longer ones), the series p ...

Original Airdates1969

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