Kaleidosport was a CBC program providing coverage of a wide variety of athletic events, from highlights of the Canadian Winter Games in 1967, to harness racing. Most programs would include features on more than one event.

Original Airdates1967-1972

Kangazoo Club, The


The Kangazoo Club was a series of 26 episodes, each 24 minutes in length, produced by Quadramedia Management, Inc. in association with the Global Television Network. Kangazoo was a big cuddly kangaroo with a pouch full of animals found in zoos. Two young hosts, Melissa Glavota and Russell Chong, guided young viewers on expeditions to the Metropolitan To ...

Original Airdates1984

Kareen's Yoga


Kareen was the first Yoga "TV-guru" in Canada to transform the hitherto "mysterious" HathaYoga into an accessible house-hold experience. Far from being just exercises, the 100 Yoga-asanas (poses) and their variations - all of them highly beneficial for different reasons - had one important element in common. They were not at all about achievement, but r ...

AkaKareen's Yoga and Nutrition
Original Airdates1971-1977

Katie and Orbie


Katie and Orbie A young girl, Katie, discovers an alien, Orbie, in her backyard and her family adopts him. They have adventures and learn valuable life lessons in the process.

Original Airdates1994-

Katts and Dog


Katts and Dog Katts and Dog was a CTV dramatic, action-adventure series that enveloped a special love and friendship between officer Hank Katts and Rudy, his dog, as they performed their duties for the Metropolitan Police Department's K-9 Corps. Hank and Rudy got involved in all sorts of life-threatening situations, while Hank's widowed sister-in-law, Maggie Daven ...

AkaKatts & Dog; Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop
Original Airdates1988-1993

Keep Canada Singing

On two consecutive Sunday nights, for thirty mintes each, the CBC presented the proceedings of the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. (Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America) from the Queen Mary Veterans' Hospital in Montreal.

Original Airdates1955

Keith Hampshire's Music Machine


Music Machine was a showcase for pop groups which began a two-year run in autumn, 1973 on the CBC-TV network. A slick production, Music Machine had an impressive list of resident performers, like Lisa dal Bello, Roy Kenner, Shawne Jackson, Wayne St. John, Doug Riley and Eric Robertson. Guest spots were usually accorded to up-and-coming Canadian groups, ...

AkaMusic Machine
Original Airdates1973-1975

Ken Dryden's Home Game


Ken Dryden was creator, writer and host of Ken Dryden's Home Game, a six-part documentary for CBC Television.

Original Airdates1990

Ken Soble Amateur Hour, The


The Ken Soble Amateur Hour hit the TV airwaves in Hamilton, Ontario after becoming a very popular radio show. The program showcased promising local talent. CHCH-TV station founder and president, Ken Soble, hosted the series. Originally featuring talent of all ages, the show eventually was limited to adult performers after Tiny Talent Time was created. W ...

Original Airdates1957-1960

Kerry Wood Storybook

Kerry Wood Storybook Alberta naturalist Kerry Wood introduces a series of stories with a Canadian background to children of all ages.

Original Airdates1962-1963

Kevin Spencer


Kevin Spencer Kevin Spencer is a sociopath addicted to cough syrup/booze and cigarettes. He is guided primarily by emotion and will go to any lengths to satisfy his needs with no worries about future consequences. He barely attends school and always breaks the law, though the offenses are minor. Kevin also has no friends-except for Allen the Magic Goose, who lives in ...

Original Airdates1998-


Keynotes, a quarter-hour musical variety program from Edmonton, featured show tunes and standards sung by Buddy Victor or Dorothy Harpell, who appeared on alternating weeks, backed by Tommy Banks on piano and Harry Boon on organ.

Original Airdates1963-1964

Kiddo the Clown


Kiddo the Clown was your typical slap-shoe circus clown, making his first appearance his series on CHCT-TV in Calgary. His second series aired locally on CJAY-TV in Winnipeg from 1961 to 1962 as a Monday to Friday afternoon program with a "best of" airing on Sundays. By the time Kiddo left Winnipeg in June 1962, the show had 65% of the available audienc ...

AkaKiddo's Workshop; Kiddo!; The Kiddo Show
Original Airdates1960-1965

Kids From Room 402, The


Kids From Room 402, The They are The Kids from Room 402, they rule this elementry school. The challenge never ends for Miss Graves in this rollicking series about the horrors and highlights of school life. It's a warm and witty take on life in the classroom with a bunch of over-anxious kids that challenge teacher Miss Gracie Graves to the limit. These kids are Jessie your aver ...

AkaLa classe en délire (French title)
Original Airdates1999-2001

Kids in the Hall, The


Kids in the Hall, The The Kids in the Hall are a sketch comedy troupe, set apart by their cross-dressing antics and seemingly infinite supply of unique characters. Although writer Paul Bellini, various extras, and sometimes even an actual woman appear in the sketches, for the most part, the five main cast members portray every single character themselves. Recurring character ...

Original Airdates1988-1994

Kids Korner

Kids Korner was a series of twenty half-hour episodes produced by CKPG-TV of Prince George, BC, shown monthly. The series was produced in cooperation with School District #57 Teachers and Principals. The program content consisted of a fast-paced series of vignettes covering items of interest for children aged 6-12.


Kids of Degrassi Street, The


Kids of Degrassi Street, The The series was set around the elementary school which was located one block away from the Degrassi Grocery. All the children lived on Degrassi Street and went to the common school. From the time the series began there were two groups of characters, a small portion of them were older, like Noel, Catherine, Chuck, Tina, Sophie. The younger characters, lik ...

Original Airdates1982-1986



Kidsbeat was a kids news show which ran for 52 episodes per year on Global and later also TVO. Kidsbeat dealt with one major news topic or issue each week, explaining it for the young audience with the aid of background information, plus lighter segments on sports and entertainment. A few years into the program, a decision was made to shift the empha ...

Original Airdates1981-1993



Three pairs of siblings compete with each other to win toys and other prizes, with points awarded based on how much the siblings know about each other.

Original Airdates1989-1992



Kidstuff Kidstuff was a one-hour Saturday morning children’s program on CTV. Each show had songs and skits and a number of guest performers. The show also showed clips of celebrities talking about their favourite parts of Canada, and segments in which kids narrated video clips of their parents at their work. The series focused on basic elements such as comed ...

Original Airdates1975-1979

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