100 Huntley Street


100 Huntley Street 100 Huntley Street, the flag-ship television program of Crossroads Christian Communications, was the first daily Christian television program in Canada. An interview/talk program, 100 Huntley Street, brings the Christian message to the viewer by exposing them to real people with real stories.

Original Airdates1977-

12 For Summer


A show designed for warm summer evenings, 12 For Summer debuted on the CBC network on June 25, 1966 and aired for two summers. It featured Canadian singers, dancers and comedians, with shows from Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. Producers: Dave Thomas, Neil Sutherland, Bob Jarvis, Allan Angus, Terry Kyne, Bill Lan ...

AkaTwelve For Summer
Original Airdates1966-1967

13 Minutes To Wait

On the eve of the 1981-82 World Cup ski series, this documentary chronicled Steve Podborski's near-miss title run the previous season. Despite a serious knee injury that kept him off the practice slopes, Podborski mounted a dramatic campaign in World Cup competition, winning three straight races and needing one more victory to clinch the title. The hour ...

Original Airdates1981


1980 was a half-hour comedy pilot starring Ken Finkleman, Rick Moranis, Steve Kampmann, Andrew Gillies and Caroline Yeager. The series of vignettes attempted to explore what the crew thought were the concerns uppermost in the minds of inquiring citizens. The show took a satirical look at how to get art on the cheap, a look at the power of the Canadian ...

Original Airdates1980

20 Minute Workout


20 Minute Workout Each show of this provocative aerobic exercise series started off slowly with stretching and limbering up before switching into high gear with an exhausting variety of movements that flowed into one another. The program had a fluid, sensuous look to it, unlike other exercise shows with their straight-on camera angles. The show's creator, Ron Harris, des ...

Aka:20 Minute Workout
Original Airdates1983-1985


Generally a half-hour Sunday afternoon broadcast, 20/20 offered a wide range of documentary profiles on Canadian life. They ranged from films on sports to portraits of different regions or people, to historical accounts, and sometimes included sub-series. The series was produced by CBC film crews in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ot ...

Original Airdates1962-1967

33 Brompton Place


33 Brompton Place was an adult soap opera on Global which aired on Showtime in the U.S. the previous year. It was the first Canadian pay-TV drama series, although the theme song and dialogue both identified the series as taking place in Chicago. The five one-hour episodes told of the trials and tribulations of Toni, Robin and Patricia, three young wo ...

Original Airdates1983

5-4-3-2 RUN


5-4-3-2 RUN 5-4-3-2-Run was one of many copycats of the successful U.S. children's game show, Double Dare. The program was taped at BCTV studios in Burnaby, and aired across Canada on the CTV networks on Saturdays beginning in September, 1988. In the show, kids competed to be first to complete a series of physical tests in order to answer a question. Correct ans ...

Original Airdates1988-1990

55 North Maple

One of those odd hybrids that television attempts, 55 North Maple combined elements of situation comedy, talk show, and how-to-do-it program. The fictional premise was that Max Ferguson portrayed a magazine writer who lived in a comfortable house with his sister, played by Joan Drewery, and her husband, never seen in the program. As they went about th ...

Original Airdates1970-1971

90 Minutes Live


90 Minutes Live 90 Minutes Live was a Monday-to-Friday program, broadcast live before a studio audience in Toronto for two weeks out of three and elsewhere in Canada the third week. The format was a blend of journalism, talk and entertainment. Peter Gzowski was the host.

AkaNinety Minutes Live
Original Airdates1976-1978



9B In this 1986 CBC TV movie, Robert Wisden starred as high school teacher Bob Dawson and his class of hostile anti-social students who he decides to enter in a drama festival competition. The story was based on the experiences of Don Hunter and the real classroom 9B of '68, a class made up of all the so-called "problem students" in a northern B.C. school ...

Original Airdates1986; 1989

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